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‘I Agree’: Bachmann Responds to Supporter‘s Call to ’Impeach’ Obama


Well, I’ll tell you, I’ll tell you, I agree, I agree."

Michele Bachmann's campaign is being forced to respond to a video that just surfaced from a campaign stop in Iowa -- a video in which she "agrees" with a man who says President Obama should be impeached.

“When will we impeach him and get him out of the way?” the supporter can be seen asking Bachmann.

“Well, I’ll tell you, I’ll tell you, I agree, I agree. Some people are really upset," she responds quickly, and then moves on:

A campaign spokeswoman tried to explain away the comments to National Journal by saying that "[Bachmann] was not saying that she agrees that Obama should be impeached. She agreed with the man on what they were talking about before- that people are frustrated.”

It's unclear from the video what the two were talking about "before," but Bachmann does reference a question the man may have asked during her speech.

"That was a great question, too, by the way," she says before the man launches into the impeachment comments.

Now the question becomes: Is it better to embrace or back down from the comments? For now, the campaign has done the latter. But that could end up backfiring, too,  as there is a large contingent of conservatives that are upset enough with the president to want to at least throw around the term impeachment and not have it dismissed, even if there are no grounds to bring charges against him.

Either way, once again the campaign is being forced to clarify or defend the faltering candidate's statements.

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