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Is This a Picture of SEIU Mastermind Stephen Lerner at Occupy Chicago?


The Blaze was the first news outlet in the spring to uncover a plot to bring down the U.S. economy through unrest aimed at banks. That plan is now unfolding, and the one person who's been connected with it (and laid it out) is SEIU organizer Stephen Lerner.

Recently we brought you video of him talking about getting ready to "terrify" D.C., and other audio of him has surfaced talking about the plan to march to the homes of the New York City rich (which is happening today) and the unrest spreading to Chicago. So maybe it should come as no surprise that a photo has surfaced showing someone who appears to be a spitting image of Lerner in the middle of the Chicago protests:

Here's a few pictures of him to compare:

If the photo is actually of Lerner in Chicago (and it certainly seems it is), it is potentially damning. Add it to the list of evidence showing the Occupy movement isn't a grassroots outcry from fed-up, ordinary citizens. Rather, it's something that has been manufactured by the unions all along (we connected those dots earlier this week).

But wait, that sounds like something we brought you in spring.

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