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White House Tied To 'AstroTurf' Jobs At Occupy Wall Street


"But before he was the White House political czar he worked in several far left organizations as activist and agitator."

On Monday afternoon The Blaze learned that the Obama White House has direct ties to the Occupy Wall Street protests.

Gateway Pundit is reporting that a former Working Families Party associate who was also a key player in ACORN is currently working inside the Obama White House.

Obama political advisor Patrick Gaspard holds the same White House position his Bush-era predecessor, Karl Rove, did. But before he was the White House political czar he worked in several far left organizations as activist and agitator.

Gateway Pundit's story correctly links the Obama administration to the Wall Street protests, but fails to point out that Gaspard is no longer in the White House as a political czar. In January of this year, Patrick Gaspard transitioned to the Democratic National Committee where he has been elevated to the role of Executive Director.

Gaspard has been on the radar screen of Conservative media outlets for some time. In 2009 Stanley Kurtz - wrote a piece for the National Review connecting Gaspard, who, at the time was White House Director of Political Affairs to Bertha Lewis, ACORN, and SEIU.

"...in the July 2, 2001 issue of “The Nation,” Gaspard and Bertha Lewis jointly published a reply to a June 4 Nation article by Doug Ireland which had been critical of the New York’s Working Families Party (a successor to the New Party, led by New Party co-founder Dan Cantor, and largely controlled by ACORN and the SEIU). In the course of their letter, Gaspard and Lewis describe their extensive joint involvement in Working Families Party activities. The letter is signed: “Bertha Lewis, ACORN, WFP; Patrick Gaspard, SEIU State Council, WFP.”

Earlier today we reported that the SEIU-funded, liberal political group, Working Families Party is PAYING people $350-$650/week to "work" at the Occupy Wall Street protest in lower Manhattan. The fact that President Obama's former political advisor has easily identified ties to the groups organizing and funding the protests on Wall Street should be ringing alarm bells all across the country, or at least within the newsrooms of the mainstream media

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