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Wild Subway Video: Young Girls Attack NYC Cops Trying to Arrest Them


"They did it all and now they are going to try to blame the cops."

You'll want to put headphones on or turn down the volume, because the video you're about to see is full of screaming and chaos.

It shows several NYPD officers in Harlem attempting to arrest four girls who had tried to board the subway without paying the fare. The girls resist arrest -- but that might be an understatement. WNYW-TV explains:

One girl is seen swinging a bag at the officer while others try to pull away as they're being handcuffed.  One of the officers pulls out and swings his billy-club in a defensive move as he is attacked.

The same girl with the bag can also be seen kicking one of the officers.

Eventually, undercover officers rush to help as some bystanders cheer the cops and others cheer the girls:

One bystander, however, points out what happened. "They did it all and now they are going to try to blame the cops," the man says.

The girls, all under 17, face charges including resisting arrest and assault on a police officer.

WNYW has the news report:

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