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Wednesday morning must-reads


Grading last night's GOP debate -- Who won?

Miss the debate? Click here to watch

Why did Christie endorse Romney?

Michelle Malkin: Rick Perry is running out of gas

Corporations vs. government: Wall Street's gullible occupiers

Niall Ferguson: Wall Street protesters should blame Baby Boomers, not Big Business

Bill Maher: Being "militantly vague" helps liberal protesters

Spreading the wealth or just spreading the misery?

Modern-day prohibition? States over-regulate the adult beverage industry

Bernie Sanders: Fake maple syrup should be a federal crime

The future of school choice

Welfare: A new front in the war on drugs

Obama is "heartbroken" NBA season will be delayed

Egypt crawls toward military dictatorship

Moderate Muslims: A new endangered species?

Postal Crisis 101: Can we avoid a postal bailout?

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