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Fuzzy Photo? Photoshop Could Soon Fix That


What are these photos and what caused the blur? Shaky hand. Poor autofocus. Poor manual focus. All are excuses for a blurry photo that could eventually be eliminated if a new tool is introduced into Photoshop software.

Photoshop recently demonstrated at Adobe MAX 2011 a prototype deblurring tool that could be included in a future version of the program. Slashgear has more on how it works:

The system creates a motion trajectory of the camera for the time that the shutter was open, analyzing the exact movements involved. From that – and some other unspecified parameters loaded in the background, which we’re guessing will play a pretty significant role as well – the app can backtrack through the blurring and create a sharper, corrected copy.

And it wouldn't even need the original file. It would work with any old photo from the Internet.

Watch as developers are awed by Photoshop's new feature easily fixing the blurry photo:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/v/xxjiQoTp864?version=3&hl=en_US expand=1]

The Daily Mail reported that the software creator declined to tell which, if any, version of Photoshop in which the feature would appear:

'Adobe Max Sneaks are an opportunity to showcase some of the projects we're working on,' an Adobe spokesperson told Mail Online, 'Some may or may not make it into future versions of our products.'

Even still, Daily Mail seems to think that the probability of it making it into a future version is probably, stating that last year a function to remove unwanted objects was demonstrated at Adobe Max Sneaks and made it into a marketed version.

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