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Gigantic crony capitalist loves Occupy Wall Street

Oscar winner!

Surprise. Former vice president Al Gore has taken a stand against Wall Street and the excesses of capitalism-- for everyone, that is, but himself.

From the economy to the climate crisis our leaders have pursued solutions that are not solving our problems, instead they propose policies that accomplish little. With democracy in crisis a true grassroots movement pointing out the flaws in our system is the first step in the right direction. Count me among those supporting and cheering on the Occupy Wall Street movement.

Time is money, people! The "climate crisis," after all, has done wonders for the economy of Al Gore – who, in unrivaled wisdom, believes democracy isn't working whenever he (and the private equity firm he founded) are not getting his way.

If Occupy Wall Street demonstrators had any ideological consistency they would view Al Gore as an example of cronyism-infected government and capitalism. A serial fibber, Gore has relied on scaremongering and science fiction to push "democracy" into instituting policies that have made him a fortune.

One example from 2008:

… Gore's "venture capital firm loaned a small California firm $75m to develop energy-saving technology.

The company, Silver Spring Networks, produces hardware and software to make the electricity grid more efficient.

The deal appeared to pay off in a big way last week, when the Energy Department announced $3.4 billion in smart grid grants, the New York Times reports. Of the total, more than $560 million went to utilities with which Silver Spring has contracts.

You see. Solutions.

For more other Gore dealings, read this excellent rundown.

Gore considers himself both investor and advocate. "I absolutely believe in investing in ways that are consistent with my values and beliefs. I encourage others to invest in the same way,” he once explained. That is admirable, no doubt, unless your values mean taxpayers have to absorb your risk as you advocate for less energy and prosperity for the rest of us.

Well, again, not all of us.


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