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Have You Heard About Amazon's New Locker Service at 7-Eleven?


Have you heard of Amazon Locker? Probably not because it hasn't even been announced yet, but it's basically a delivery service that would allow users to pick up purchases from a public location.

Watch what GeekWire's account of what it believes to be the first public test of how Amazon locker works from a Seattle 7-Eleven:

This would be especially useful if you could not have packages delivered directly to your home or during the day. Customers receive a code for the locker when their purchase has arrived, allowing them to unlock the case.

GeekWire reports a clerk saying the system had been getting used during the week and speculates many using the machine could be Amazon employees not customers using this new shipping option.

The Daily (via Business Insider) first reported the story in September and Amazon had no comment. It states this could be the beginning of a partnership between Amazon and 7-Eleven's nationwide if the pilot is successful.

We'll see if an announcement comes shortly. As GeekWire suggests, next time your order from Amazon, check your address book to see if a locker is an option.

The obvious question here is what type of products would you want delivered to an Amazon/7-Eleven locker versus your home or secure PO box?

[h/t Slashgear]

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