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Harry Belafonte Falls Asleep During Live TV Interview (Yes, Really!)


"Harry, wake up! Harry? Wake up, wake up!"

Perhaps Harry Belafonte is exhausted from continuously inserting himself into America's political battles -- or maybe the famed singer and actor hasn't been getting enough sleep. Either way, on Friday morning, the scene was nothing short of hilarious when he fell asleep -- literally -- on the KBAK-KBFX morning show (Bakersfield, California).

After Belafonte was introduced by anchor Leyla Santiago (he appeared via satellite from New York), viewers could see him sitting in a chair with his arms crossed. Upon closer examination, it was clear that he was fast asleep.

Looking stunned, Santiago said, "Harry, wake up! Harry? Wake up, wake up!" After silence from the slumbering crooner followed, the anchor attempted to make the situation somewhat less awkward, so she quipped, "This is your wake-up call."

Alas, her efforts to wake Belafonte were unsuccessful. So, the camera cut the split screen and the hosts tried their best to work through their laughter, while producers purportedly tried to wake him. Watch the scene unfold, below:

Belafonte recently made headlines for slamming GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain's intelligence, calling him "a bad apple" who knows "very little."

It seems he's given Cain -- and other detractors -- some comic material to work with. But to be fair, he is 84-years-old and a hectic schedule of interviews and travel would be tough for anyone. Still, it's a tough story not to giggle about.

(H/T: TVSpy)

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