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Video: The 'Horse Soldiers' of 9/11


Alex Quade and the Daily Caller have taken time to record a story not known to many American -- the story of the brave special forces who took the battle to the Taliban in Afghanistan just days after 9/11. These pointedly named "horse soldiers" laid the foundation for America's offensive by rallying the rebelling tribes against the Taliban before the first American platoon set a boot on the ground.

They are now being memorialized for their sacrifice and tireless work:  (Warning: language)

Their secret mission: secure northern Afghanistan by advising the warring tribal factions that formed the Northern Alliance. During the 2011 Veterans Day Parade on November 11, a new monument to these men — and to all Americans in uniform — will make its way down New York City’s famed Fifth Avenue on the way to its final home, a stone’s throw from Ground Zero.
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