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Martin Sheen Thinks Obama is the Only Adult in the Room


Alongside his son in an interview with The View host Joy Behar, Martin Sheen, better known to some as Jed Bartlett, said liberals that are frustrated with President Obama should not forget what the alternative is:

In response to Sheen's unabashed adoration of Obama, Behar actually brings some reality into the discussion, pointing to the continued economic distress throughout Obama's first two years in office, and another uptick in unemployment.

Sheen doesn't think Behar's points are the real problem, instead he blames "corporate America for not sharing their profits."

In the search for the next Bobby Kennedy, Sheen father and son told Behar that they still haven't found him, but Obama is the closest thing. Martin adds that Obama is still the only adult in the room.

Martin Sheen is known for his portrayal of fictional Democratic President Jed Bartlett on The West Wing.

Sheen's son Emilo's reaction, or, lack there of, to his father's comments may come as a surprise considering Emilio took an unexpected jab at Hollywood last Friday, when he stated that he is “embarrassed” by the content he sees in many of the industry’s films.  The actor appeared on Laura Ingraham’s radio show to promote his upcoming film, “The Way,“ which Estevez states is a ”celebration of family and faith and community and healing and our humanity.”

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