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The Tea Party vs. #OccupyWallStreet: A parable


Two men are standing outside in the cold with no shelter available to them. At the same moment, they both decide it’s time to take action to alleviate their condition. Each takes a turn explaining his plan to warm up.

“Seeing as we’re both standing here shivering, we should gather up some kindling and firewood and start a small fire,” the first man says. “I’m stronger than you so I’ll go out and chop the wood and haul it back. You’re talented with flint and steel so you can create the sparks to start the fire. Then we can both enjoy the warmth.”

The second man shakes his head, unimpressed with the idea.  “I have a better idea,” he exclaims as he produces a can of lighter fluid and a match.  He proceeds to light the first man on fire, warming himself on the flames as his companion burns alive.

Moral of the story: While Tea Party members and Occupy Wall Street demonstrators might find themselves in similar circumstances and faced with similar challenges, they do not have a common cause. Don’t be fooled by their anti-bank rhetoric; Occupy Wall Street’s goal is intimidation, disruption and an end to our market-based economy.

They want to control and consume what others have earned… THAT APPLIES TO YOU!


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