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Tuesday morning must-reads


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Could ObamaCare cost you a job?

Repeal & replace ObamaCare: A how-to guide

Flashback: Democrats praised now defunct ObamaCare rule

Congress & the Constitution: Ignoring the obvious

Why do people who think Obama's policies will fail still support him?

@angryblacklady is offended by the notion

Our children's future doesn't look so bright

Exposing the “college = good life” fallacy

Your pay raise might have to wait until 2021

Bad math hurts Herman Cain’s good tax intentions

Elizabeth Warren shops for the "hick vote"

Israelis have mixed emotions on Schalit deal

Polling Occupy Wall Street: Out-of-step leftists now embraced by Dems

MSNBC's Ed Schultz offers free advertising to OWS crowd

Journolist 2.0: Emails show MSM working with protesters

"I'm fat and going nowhere!"

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VP Harris lauds transgender activist Dylan Mulvaney for 'dedication and courage'

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