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Wednesday morning must-reads


Did Canada steal our 10th Amendment?

Cue Democrat outrage: U.S. deportations hit record high

New Dem initiative: Free diapers for the poor

Obama's backdoor plan to rewrite No Child Left Behind

Predictable: Palestinians vow to kidnap more Israelis

What do the Occupy Wall Street protesters want? No one knows.

Hm: OWS financial backer supports Mitt Romney

Washington Post: Herman Cain is a "thug in a pin-stripe suit"

Al Sharpton attacks "Koch-Cain" ties

Santorum: Romney and Cain aren't conservative enough

Are we witnessing the resurrection of Newt Gingrich?

Trump & Bachmann chat about birtherism

Rush Limbaugh: Ron Paul has a "good idea" with budget plan

Sarah Palin reacts to GOP debate:

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