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Thursday evening must-reads


Scary: America will surpass 100% debt-to-GDP on Halloween

FBI investigating assassination threat against Republican rep

Rand Paul: Time to repeal No Child Left Behind

Man living as "adult baby" is cleared of Social Security fraud

Woah: 1987 sitcom correctly predicted the year of Gadhafi's death

Obama solicits unpaid art designers to work on... jobs poster

WSJ: How can we trust Romney?

The risk and reward of Rick Perry’s flat tax gambit

Herman Cain leads the field in Iowa

9-9-9 is ok, but 0-15-0 might be better

Council on Islamic Relations (CAIR) joins Wall Street protests

John Stossel: Occupy Wall Street protesters are half-right

New movement: Rich people who feel guilty

Republicans use OWS to attack sympathetic Dems

Los Angeles occupiers = costly public nuisance

GOP presidential hopeful Gary Johnson fishes for votes... at Occupy Wall Street:

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Celebrations fast turn into injuries as Eagles fans come crashing down

Annie Wersching, 'Star Trek,' Bosch,' and '24' actress, dead at 45

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