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Violent Vid: U.K. Riot Police Storm Protestors at Illegal Gypsy Site

Violent Vid: U.K. Riot Police Storm Protestors at Illegal Gypsy Site

"Demonic people have a plan… we're going to get more of that on November 5th."

Frightening video has emerged today of a dramatic, violent showdown between protestors and U.K. police earlier early Wednesday at an illegal Traveler (or Gypsy) campsite called "Dale Farm" east of London.

Anarchist and activist protestors joined the Travelers after the courts declared the eviction of the campsite must proceed. Protestors vowed Tuesday night to fight to the death if necessary, and one of them shouted over a bullhorn at police early Wednesday morning "This time it's war-- bring it on."

Police say they overcame "extreme" resistance and violence from protestors, which included "missiles, unknown powders, buckets of urine, and lumps of concrete" being thrown at them. Police responded by shooting at least two protestors with taser guns and arresting a total of 34.

Protestors had erected barricades around the entrances to the site, chained themselves to gates by their necks, and set caravans (mobile homes) on fire. Some protestors just lay prone atop buildings and other structures, forcing police to remove and carry them under the most hazardous conditions possible. Others anarchists chained themselves by their necks to burned out vehicles filled with concrete.

A month ago the Blaze told you about the situation of the "Dale Farm" Travelers, a nomadic group of Irish descent with traditions similar to the Gypsies of Europe. Initially, the Travelers of Essex took their case to court. An order to clear the campsite in September was stayed, but the most recent decision to evict the illegal residents of Dale Farms seems to have ended a ten-year long legal battle.

After a 90-minute standoff,  Many at the campsite of about 400 transients begrudgingly agreed to leave of their own volition after the police raid.  The estimated cost to clear and raze Dale Farm for the British taxpayer? Approximately $28 million dollars.

Some analysts have pointed out the eerie parallels between the Dale Farms eviction and aspects of the Occupy Wall Street movement. Occupy currently sits on private land, and the owners at one point wanted the camped-out protestors to leave.

The City of New York gave Occupy a deadline to move out last Friday, but then backed down at the last minute, giving the Occupy movement a major boost of confidence just in time for their global October 15th protests, which were mirrored in over 80 cities across the globe.

But the possibility remains that at some point there will be an eviction of Occupy Wall Street.

And even the Travelers themselves appear to be making comparisons to the Occupiers.

One of the U.K Traveler protestors gave a long tirade in front of the camera (pictured above) during which she both explicitly connected the violent campsite protest against the Travelers' removal to the Occupy Wall Street movement, and made ominous threats about the upcoming November 5th Guy Fawkes Day in the U.K.:

"The demonic people had a plan… you see this fire, you're gonna get more of this at parliament on Nov 5., that's where we're going, you think Occupy on the 15th was it [indecipherable] will be slow long battle, the government don't want us to be free mentally, just like the aborigines, palestinian to UK we will never go away."

In addition, the hacker collective group known as "Anonymous" has also planned its own commemoration of Guy Fawke's Day by encouraging a digitally coordinated run on a Wall Street bank. The idea is to transfer money from a "bankster" institution to a non-profit credit union, in the process collapsing at least one "too big to fail" institution, and possibly causing a cascading effect across the financial sector.

As the various Occupy movements across the U.S. face looming evictions of their own, it appears possible there may be similar tactics deployed by protestors across the U.S. to cause maximum damage to property and instigate a violent police response.

Watch the video below to see the clash between U.K. police, Travelers, and anarchists, courtesy of the Telegraph, and see if you think similar trouble could be heading for the U.S. in the months ahead:

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