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‘Old Fuzzhead is Dead’: How Gadhafi’s Daughter Found Out He Had Been Killed


• AP: Clinton backs calls for investigation into Gadhafi's death • NBC: Gadhafi's son captured alive

When Moammar Gadhafi's daughter heard news reports her father had been captured, Aisha Gadhafi did what perhaps any daughter would do: She called him.

That phone call was answered not by Gadhafi, but by a Libyan fighter who told her, "Old Fuzzhead is dead."

"Aisha called her father's satellite phone and one of the revolutionaries who had captured him answered her," a National Transitional Council commander told the Daily Mail. "He said, 'It's over. Abu Shafshufa died.'"

After hearing the news, she reportedly screamed "Rats!" into the phone at the fighter and his fellow rebels.

"Abu Shafshufa" is Gaddafi's Arabic nickname, meaning "Old Fuzzhead." According to the Daily Mail, the way the news was delivered to Aisha angered many NTC officials.

"It's shameful. It is his daughter," the commander added.

Aisha Gadhafi, her mother and two of her brothers fled to Algeria after Tripoli fell in August. Algerian media reported Aisha, 36, was hospitalized after learning the news about her father and seeing images of his dead body on television.

In August, she told the New York Times she likes to tell her children stories about the afterlife to "make them ready" for death in a time of war.

The news comes amid some international calls for an investigation into Gadhafi's death. Original reports said he was caught in crossfire, but questions have been raised about whether he was executed while in custody. At least one man has now come forward claiming to have shot the former Libyan dictator.

Libya's chief pathologist, Dr. Othman al-Zintani, said Sunday that an autopsy confirmed that Gadhafi died from a gunshot to the head. No other details were disclosed, but al-Zintani said he would deliver a full report to the attorney general.

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