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MTV Embeds With Protesters for TV Special: ‘True Life: I‘m Occupying Wall Street’


"What if you could live among the protesters and get a real sense of how the Occupy movement is taking shape...?

Many say MTV hasn't had the same impact on mainstream pop culture since the network shifted from music videos to reality TV. Monday's announcement may be the icing on the cake to some of the network's detractors:

"It's one thing to watch footage of the Occupy Wall Street protests on TV and hear the nightly news pundits give their two cents on the global movement. But what if you could live among the protesters and get a real sense of how the Occupy movement is taking shape and why it's become a phenomenon?

MTV did just that, embedding with the protesters for an upcoming 'True Life' special set to air Saturday, November 5, at 6 p.m. ET. "True Life: I'm Occupying Wall Street" will visit the financial district sit-in and profile a group of 20somethings who've pitched their tents amid the skyscrapers of Wall Street to see how they're feeling about the event."

MTV provided an exciting clip of the upcoming special. As you can see, the new edition of "True Life" will have an ample amount of fist pumping in comparison to the network's hit "Jersey Shore." But unlike the tanned stars of the latter, this group isn't covered in bronzer --  that's real dirt:

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The announcement comes one week following a craigslist post calling out for Occupy Wall Street protesters between 20-24 interested in becoming cast members for the network's staple reality franchise "The Real World"

True Life first premiered in 1998, and in each episode provides a "window into the struggles, hopes, and dreams of young people" through different individuals reflecting their experiences and cultures in each hour-long episode. Past episodes have included young people suffering from different diseases and social disorders, to a group of friends enjoying a summer share house in New Jersey (which led to the Jersey Shore), to the most recent episode "I'm a text-a-holic." The network writes of the upcoming special:

"The special episode will take you to the front lines as MTV cameras follow three young people who get swept up in the political movement that has quickly grown into a global phenomenon."

The special will introduce viewers to Bryan, one of the leaders of the Occupy sanitation team, as well as college students Kait and Caitlin, "who are so worried that they won't be able to find jobs after graduation that they set out to recruit their friends to join the cause as they work to keep spirits high among the occupants."

What do you think of MTV's decision to produce and air such a special. Will it be a flop, or gain a huge audience from supporters and critics of OWS alike? Does it glorify the protests and protesters?

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