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Biden Issues Official Complaint Over Conservative Reporter's Questions


"Don't screw around with me."

Vice President Joe Biden is not happy about his exchange with a conservative journalist that went viral last week. In fact, The Hill reports he has voiced an official complaint to the Senate press gallery and is calling for an investigation into whether rules were broken when he was confronted about his comments about increasing rapes and murders if the president's jobs bill wasn't passed.

First, a recap. The Blaze reported last week on the heated exchange between Biden and Human Events Editor Jason Mattera. After speaking at a Capitol Hill rally, Mattera approached Biden in a Senate hallway to question the Vice President's controversial rape and murder comments. Biden became visibly frustrated with Matera and issued a stern warning:

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Biden has since taken to the Senate press gallery to complain about the confrontation. The Hill reports that Biden aides have asked whether Senate rules were broken by the inquisitive reporter, and Biden’s office has also contacted the standing committee of correspondents, which over sees the gallery, to question if Mattera broke any rules.

Heather Rothman, the chairwoman of the gallery’s standing committee, told The Hill that Mattera's actions were under review.

The "numbers" on rape and murder that Biden told the reporter to review at the scuffle's end, have since been examined by The Washington Post fact checker. Biden's claims that murder had doubled and rapes tripled in cities like Flint, Michigan, because of cuts in police were determined by the Washington Post to be thoroughly false, earning him a rating from "The Fact Checker" of four Pinocchios:

Despite defending false and, too many, fear-mongering claims, Biden has pressed for punishment to the reporter that questioned his rhetoric.

“He’s not going to take questions hostile to his agenda. I want to get him in that honest moment when he doesn’t have his talking points and isn’t prepared to spin,” said Mattera to The Hill.

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