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Occupy Wall Street Protesters Are Asked: Who's More Dangerous -- Rush Limbaugh or Al Qaeda?


Rush spreads "propaganda."

Who's more dangerous to American society: Rush Limbaugh or al Qaeda?

If you're one of the new inhabitants of Zuccotti Park, you might have said: "Rush Limbaugh."

Mere blocks away from Ground Zero, Occupy Wall Street protesters recently told MRCTV reporter Dan Joseph that they think "Rushbo" is a far more dangerous force to be reckoned with than the likes of al Qaeda.

Some protesters claimed Limbaugh and al Qaeda are equally dangerous, while one protester conceded that the bin Laden-lead Islamic militant group responsible for the September 11 attacks in which some 3,000 innocent people were killed, is in fact the greater threat to American society.

According to other OWS activists, however, Limbaugh spreads "propaganda" and incites "hatred" while alQaeda, presumably...does not?

Not many seemed to offer a more formidable explanation of how their conclusion was reached, but some tried:

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