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OWS protests create lower Manhattan food desert

(AP Photo/Barry Gutierrez)

Someone alert Michelle Obama. The Occupy Wall Streeters have gone too far this time.

They've defaced public memorials and defecated on police cars, but now the OWS protesters in Zucotti Park are sticking it to The Man farmers and depriving local residents of fresh fruits & veggies:

Occupy Wall Street protesters, who are supposed to be fighting FOR the 99 percent, are really screwing stuff up for local farmers. Thanks to their total takeover of Zuccotti Park, the Occupiers have forced farmers at the longstanding Zuccotti Greenmarket to relocate to a street corner nearly half a mile away. Way to ruin organic apples for EVERYONE, guys!

"It's been annoying and it's hurt business," one of the farmers told DNAinfo. "[Customers] can't get to the stand. It's not good." The weekly market, which relocated from the World Trade Center plaza in 2007, has moved from Cedar Street and Broadway to Barclay Street and West Broadway, confusing longtime customers who are used to shopping at Zuccotti and causing a headache for GrowNYC, the city organization that oversees the markets. And aren't working-class farmers basically the all-American poster boys for the 99 percent?

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