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Which states are the most in debt?


Do you live in a state that has saddled its citizens with massive loads of debt?

Here are the top 10 states currently boasting the highest debt per capita:

1. Connecticut $5,402

2. Hawaii $4,755

3. New Jersey $4,217

4. North Dakota $3,181

5. New Mexico $3,144

6. California $3,060

7. Massachusetts $3,040

8. Delaware $3,026

9. Rhode Island $3,000

10. Oregon $2,960

Debt held among the states topped $4 trillion this week, with California, New York, Texas, New Jersey and Illinois holding the largest total deficits, respectively.  California alone has a deficit of more than $612 billion.

States with the lowest total deficits this year are Vermont, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska and Wyoming.

How will these states do next year?  State Budget Solutions reports:

In predicting states' future economic performance, New York, Vermont, Maine, California, and Hawaii scored the lowest in the rankings. The states on the other end of the list include Utah, South Dakota, Virginia, Wyoming, and Idaho. The rankings are based upon economic data examined over the past 10 years to forecast future performance.

Click here to see how all 50 states stack up.

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