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Even Joe Biden's bullying gets flubbed


As we reported Tuesday, Joe Biden's office lodged a formal complaint with the Senate press office after Human Events editor Jason Mattera challenged the vice president to defend his loaded rhetorical claims linking Republican opposition to President Obama's jobs bill and increased rape & murder rates in Flint, Mich.

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As it turns out, Biden's bullying tactic was misplaced and the vice president, known more for his famous flubs and faux pas than policy prowess, has managed another screw up.  As the Examiner's Mark Tapscott notes, Biden -- a long-time Senator himself -- complained to the wrong press gallery:

Aides to an incensed Vice President Joe Biden complained to the wrong press gallery about their boss being asked an uncomfortable question by Human Events editor Jason Mattera.

Mattera asked Biden last week whether he regretted saying rape and murder rates will go up if Republicans in Congress prevent passage of President Obama's $447 billion second stimuluis jobs bill.

That question elicited from Biden a threatening warning: "Don't screw with me, guy." You can watch the confrontation on video here.

Afterwards, Biden aides contacted the Senate Press Gallery, according to The Hill, to complain about Mattera's conduct, claiming he misled the vice president by posing as a mere photo seeker. In fact, Mattera was wearing a clearly visible congressional periodical press gallery credential.

Despite the clearly visible credential, the Biden aides "complained to the wrong gallery. We're credentialed through periodicals. I violated nothing," Mattera told The Washington Examiner.

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