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Martin Bashir Mocks 'Chicken-Hawk' Herman Cain Despite Cain's Dept. of Navy Service


He compared Cain to Dick Cheney...

Never failing to miss an opportunity to disparage a conservative, MSNBC's Martin Bashir boldly declared GOP presidential contender Herman Cain a "chicken hawk" -- in the tradition of "Dick Cheney" -- despite Cain having served as a ballistics analyst for the Department of the Navy.

Speaking to his guest on Wednesday, Bashir asked, "and on the issue of Iran, does Cain remind you at all of Dick Cheney and that long roster of chicken hawks who've rabidly pushed for U.S. military action there?"

If Cain is a "chicken hawk" then would it be fair to assert President Barack Obama is a flip-flopper? The president and Nobel Peace Prize recipient broke vows to close Guantanamo, prosecute terrorists in criminal rather than military court, and reign in operations in Afghanistan to name a few...

(h/t: NewsBusters)

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