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Occupy Protester Interrupts Congressional Committee: 'Tax the Rich' & 'End the Wars


"I speak for the 99 percent."

A protester trumpeting the Occupy Wall St. message interrupted the Congressional Deficit Super Committee Wednesday to tell lawmakers to "tax the rich" and "end the wars."

"The American people want to tax the rich and the end the wars," the protester, a woman, said as she walked toward the committee room floor as committee member Rep. Dave Camp (R-MI) finished his talk. "That's how we fix the deficit. And all this obfuscation with percentages of GDP, this is just trying to confuse the issue."

"We would have enough money for housing and health care and everything that we want if we stopped spending our money [on the] military machine," she added. "It's very obvious. I speak for the 99 percent: End the wars and tax the rich."

You can watch it below:

The Capitol Police eventually led the woman away. ABC News reports she is being charged with disruption of Congress. However, she wasn't the only one who voiced displeasure. Code Pink also got involved during the public hearing:

As members of the committee took their seats around the dais and co-chair Sen. Patty Murray prepared to call the meeting to a start, a Code Pink protestor jumped out of his seat holding a sign, drawing the attention of television cameras in the room.

“This committee is not democratic,” the demonstrator said. “I speak on behalf of the 99 percent who are occupied. We are the people who are not being heard by this committee.”

The committee is currently trying to agree on at least $1.2 trillion in cuts before Nov. 24. If they can't, automatic cuts would kick in.

(H/T: HuffPo)

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