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Have You Seen the Axe Body Spray Commercial Telling Men to Ditch Their Girlfriends for Strippers?


"We know you want to be with all of them, except with the one you're with."

There's a new ad for Axe body spray making the rounds in Argentina, and it's a doozy. Its message, in a nutshell: Men who wear the spray deodorant should ditch their lame girlfriends (in the middle of a date) to go party and have sex with strippers.

Here it is:

Gawker provided this transcript of the ad so non-Spanish speakers could be sure not to miss a single word:

Last September 24th it was Boyfriend's Day.

What does Axe have to say to boyfriends?

Hey, dude. There's nothing to celebrate.

We know you want to be with all of them, except with the one you're with.

That's why we set up some secret installation in the men's room,

And gave them 5 minutes of singledom.

Welcome to the Axe Strip Toilette.

This is just a way of reminding guys that they are "castrating themselves" [Ed. note: Down here when you say a guy is "castrated," it means he only does what his girlfriend/wife says.]

...limiting the power of the Axe effect to just one girl."

Girl: What took you so long?

Guy: The restroom was a mess.

Girl: Oh, sorry to hear that.

On a related note, a different ad for the company has been banned in South Africa after a Christian complained that depicting "angels" (scantily-clad women with wings) falling from the sky in their attraction to a man wearing the deodorant was offensive.

(h/t Gawker)

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