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Treasonous in Its Actions on the Border': Beck's Passionate Interview With Imprisoned Border Agent's Wife


"It embarrasses me to be an American."

As the Blaze recently reported, Jesus Diaz, a former U.S. border agent, is serving a two-year prison sentence after being accused of using excessive force in handcuffing a juvenile drug smuggler back in 2008. Diaz's detention, which has come under fire from many who believe that he isn't guilty of the violence charges waged against him, has become a hot-button issue.

This morning, Glenn Beck interviewed Diaz's wife, Diana, on his radio show to get the entire story, and by the end he was visibly frustrated.

But before delving into the video of their exchange, let's review some brief background information on the case.

Diaz, who is now imprisoned and separated from his wife and six children, was found guilty of inflicting pain on a known 16-year-old Mexican drug smuggler in an effort to obtain more information about where marijuana was being hidden. Authorities also claim that the former agent kicked the teen and dropped him face-first on the ground.

But these accounts and the charges associated with them have come under fire (GOP presidential candidate Michele Bachmann has said she would work toward Diaz's release). The Examiner has more about the confusion surrounding the case:

According to the Law Enforcement Officers Advocates Council, the government's case is based on false testimony that is contradicted by the facts. This includes the charge that Agent Diaz was physically abusive to the then minor "MBE" as noted by court documents and transcripts that Diaz allegedly put his knee on his back and pulled back on his handcuffs.

“However, given the time of day during the incident, October 16, 2008 at about 2 a.m. and lack of lighting it would be impossible to have actually seen much if anything. The agent who stood next to Mr. Diaz, Marco Ramos testified that he did not see anything that was claimed to have taken place,” Andy Ramirez, president of LEOAC explained.

A web site has been setup to advocate for Diaz's release.

In the beginning of his discussion with Diana, Beck said, "I'm sorry for what this government is doing to you...your family and your husband." Diana went on to explain what seems like a tragic story of justice gone awry.

The Mexican government had apparently filed a complaint following the incident, which the U.S. government then acted on. In the end, the 16-year-old avoided detention and was apparently sent back to his homeland. Even more bizarrely, Diana claims that the young mas was brought back to America to testify (with immunity) against her husband.

"Rick Perry's done nothing," Diana explained. "He said that it was a federal issue and as a governor he couldn't do anything." To this, Beck had plenty to say.

"I don't believe that injustice is a federal thing. Injustice is a people thing. When there is an injustice going on, even if you're the governor, you get involved with injustice and you stand one side or another," he responded.

Radio co-host Pat Gray weighed in as well, questioning why the government would allow for Diaz to be separated from his children, when a strong stance has been taken against separating illegal parents from theirs.

Beck concluded: "This government is treasonous in its actions on the border. There is something going on and they are using innocent border agents to make some sort of point to the other border agents, 'Shut up and sit down.' ... It's obscene what is happening. It embarrasses me to be an American. What's happening on our border embarrasses me as an American."

Watch Beck discuss this bizarre case with Diana in an interview that included sarcasm, disbelief, and frustration:

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