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NBC News: A Settlement Was Paid Out in Cain Sexual Harassment Case


"I wasn’t even aware of it and I hope it wasn’t for much" -- Cain on race: "This many white people can't pretend that they like me" Rush Limbaugh: Politico story is a "hit job" and a "joke" --

Herman Cain's drama regarding sexual harassment claims that have dominated political headlines over the past 24 hours doesn't seem to be waning.

Earlier today, NBC news said it confirmed that one woman did, indeed, receive a settlement from the National Restaurant Association after she complained about Cain's alleged inappropriate conduct. NBC News, though, is not disclosing the name of the woman.

Earlier today, Cain appeared on Fox News, where he claimed that the allegations were "false" and "baseless." What's most interesting is that Cain claims that he has no knowledge of any settlement monies. Here are his words on the matter:

"Outside of the Restaurant Association, absolutely not. If the restaurant association did a settlement, I am not — I wasn’t even aware of it and I hope it wasn’t for much, because nothing happened. So if there was a settlement, it was handled by some of the other officers that worked for me at the association. So the answer is absolutely not."

If the NBC report is true and someone can prove that Cain was aware of the payout, his campaign -- and his image -- could take a major hit. Of course, it's possible that he knew nothing about the settlement, as he has indicated.

Below, see Cain discuss these issues at the National Press Club earlier today:

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