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Chopra on O'Reilly: Says Atheist Dawkins Uses His Scientific Credentials to 'Camouflage His Bigotry


Science has never been able to manufacture one human cell...

During an interview on Fox News' "O'Reilly Factor," Bill O’Reilly and guest, spiritual self-help guru Deepak Chopra, discussed religion and spirituality, particularly as it relates to staunch atheists like Richard Dawkins.

O'Reilly juxtaposed Chopra's new book, "War of the Worldviews: Science vs. Spirituality" to Dawkins' recently released children's book on evolution, "The Magic of Reality: How We Know What’s Really True."

At one point in the interview Chopra, agreeing with O'Reilly, accused Dawkins of being emotionally reactive and of hiding behind his scientific credentials to "camouflage his bigotry."

Mediaite adds:

“So what do you say to a guy like Dawkins?” O’Reilly wanted to know, before asking if Chopra had ever spoken with Dawkins face-to-face. “Oh, yes,” Chopra replied. “He ambushed me when I was at Oxford. He used a subterfuge. Channel 4 called me, said ‘We want to do an interview,’ I went to the interview… and it was him!”

O’Reilly had one question: “Why didn’t you kick his butt?”

Chopra later added that he believes Dawkins uses his scientific credentials to “mask his bigotry.” The men also agreed that Dawkins (and presumably others of his stripe) often resorts to — highly unscientific — emotional responses to discussions rather than simply relying on fact and logic.

Watch the interesting exchange below:

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