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A Thrifty Christmas with the Obamas


If you want a gift from the Obamas this Christmas, be prepared to put on your tap shoes. Or clown makeup. Or do some miming. No one gets a gift without performing, according to the First Lady.

She said so in an interview with Yahoo News. "Instead of giving gifts, we have sort of a grab bag of gifts," Michelle Obama said. "In order to get your gift from the grab bag -- and these are very inexpensive gifts -- you have to perform. Sing, dance, hula hoop, do a skit, do an imitation; it doesn't matter but everybody has to do something."

Cheery! She also said the Obama Christmas method is "a way to keep costs down." Times are hard.

Watch the video. You'll also find out what the Bidens do. Hint: Vice President Joe gets to go downstairs first.

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