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Angry Bank Customer Urinates in Teller's Drive-Thru Tube


"nuisances injurious to health, a second-degree misdemeanor"

From Palm Coast, Fl., comes the weird and revolting story of the day.

A man at his local RBC Bank was told at the drive-thru that the bank didn't sell money orders. He responded to this inconvenience by doing what any rational and sane person would do: he urinated in the drive-thru's plastic tube.

Wait, what?

When he was told he couldn’t purchase a money order, the man reportedly became upset, mumbled something "about bad customer service," and then urinated in the tube.

That's foul. But it gets worse.

"Another customer pulled into the same drive-through lane shortly after the incident and said the tube had liquid in it that smelled like urine," reports The St. Augustine Record. "She picked up the tube and urine spilled onto her and her car."

There are so many things wrong with that last sentence. Why in the world did she pick up a tube filled with an unknown liquid that she said smelled "like urine?"

Later, authorities and the teller determined that, yeah, it was urine. Local authorities are currently searching for the man and, if found, police say they will charge him charge with "nuisances injurious to health, a second-degree misdemeanor."

Watch the video update:

From now on, it will probably be difficult to use the terms "liquid asset" and "bank deposit" in the same sentence without cringing a little.

(h/t ABC 25)

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