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The Blaze teams up with Yahoo!


Big news is on the horizon. THE BLAZE is teaming up with Yahoo! to broaden news coverage going into the presidential election. We'll have more details soon, but for now, read this from "The Hollywood Reporter":

Yahoo is promising the most extensive political coverage in its history, beginning Tuesday with live interviews of the eight top Republican candidates for president and through to Election Day on Nov. 6, 2012.


Another addition to Yahoo’s effort is the Signal, a Web site that will use sophisticated prediction models that combines data from InTrade -- where users can gamble on the outcome of political events -- with the latest polls along with Twitter and other social-networking data to determine the odds of various political outcomes. On Tuesday, for example, the Signal said that Herman Cain’s chances for becoming the Republican nominee for president were nearly cut in half, to 3.8 percent, after Gloria Allred’s press conference Monday with a woman claiming she was sexually harassed by Cain 14 years ago.

In the future, the Signal will feature predictive-type games and other interactive elements.

Yahoo has also partnered with journalists and opinion writers from the left and right, like The Atlantic,, Forbes, National Journal, The Week and Glenn Beck’s

“We’re trying to do something more than just expanded political coverage,” said Robertson Barrett, vp news and finance at Yahoo.

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