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Video Surfaces: Radical Egyptian Preacher Says If A Man Leaves Islam 'the Ruling Upon Him Is Death


"...it is like a druggie interpreting the Qur'an."

Blaze readers may remember Shaykh Abu-Ishaq al-Huwayni, an Islamist preacher who often appears on Egyptian television to call for violence against anyone who converts from Islam. Now, Translating Jihad has deciphered yet another one of al-Huwayni's disturbing sermons.

The clip, which appears to have been posted back in 2009, features the faith leader saying that, "Islam is a religion which has limitations and rulings." Once again, he goes on to say that anyone who leaves Islam should be killed.

While he says that it is not permissible to kill someone simply because he or she is an "infidel" (i.e. not an adherent of Islam), he claims that whoever enters Islam voluntarily, then leaves -- "the ruling upon him is death."

Watch these statements, below:

Here is a complete transcript of al-Huwayni's words:

"They say that freedom of conscience should be provided to every human being.... because Allah Almighty says, 'There is no compulsion in religion'." So it is like a druggie interpreting the Qur'an.

"There is no compulsion in religion?" True. "Whoever will may believe, and whoever will may disbelieve?" True. However, this is on the condition that you do not enter the Islamic faith. You are free. No one is compelled to believe in, or convert to, Islam. You're Christian? Be a Christian. You're Jewish? Be a Jew. You're in any other religion? Be whatever you like.

But you should know that Islam is a religion that has limitations and rulings. One of its established rulings, upon which all scholars unanimously agree, is that whoever enters Islam voluntarily, not forcibly--it is not permissible for him to apostatize from Islam. If he does that, the ruling upon him is death. You still want to enter the faith with this punishment? Fine. You don't want to enter? Fine? We don't need a curse. We don't want you either. This is the ruling in Islam. "There is no compulsion in religion"? Ah.

If your Lord willed it, everyone on earth would believe. Then will you yet compel people to become believers? I don't know anyone who has been compelled to enter into Islam. The offer was left to the early Muslims. They were courageous peoples. They were distinguished by the strength of their hearts, of their will, and their firmness in making decisions. Islam was offered to them, and they believed.

We don't know of anyone who has been killed simply for being an infidel. Nor is it permissible for anyone to kill someone simply because he is an infidel. Islam is a religion which was established on persuasion. No one is ever compelled to enter Islam. However, if he enters Islam, there are rulings. There are those who want to have freedom to reject Islam (kufr). If a Muslim disbelieves, there is a penalty.

But some say "There is no compulsion in religion." He doesn't pray? "There is no compulsion in religion." He doesn't pay alms, or perform the hajj, or fast? "There is no compulsion in religion!" What Muslim scholar has ever approved this? No one ever has, and no one ever should speak this nonsense. The only ones who advocate this are druggies and boozers. At a time when people are reaffirming the Islamic doctrine in every corner on earth, such advocates want to get rid of Islam.

You may recall another al-Huwayni video that we posted back in July. The clip showed him, in an interview with the Egyptian satellite television station al-Hikma, saying that anyone who insults the prophet Muhammad, even if he or she later repents, must be put to death. You can watch the translated video, here:

And who can forget his other shining moment, depicted in a video and controversy that the Blaze covered back in June. The radical preacher purportedly called for selling captives “like groceries,” then offered a bizarre clarification following the coverage of his statements.

Al-Huwayni has also found himself in the news of late. A few weeks ago, the San Francisco Chronicle offered more details about the increasingly disturbing developments in Egypt's sociopolitical landscape.

Naguib Sawiris, Egypt's most well-known billionaire and the country's most prominent Christian, has received death threats after posting a controversial image on Twitter. The Chronicle reports:

The death threats started in late June after Sawiris, 57, posted an image on his Twitter account of Mickey Mouse in a beard and Minnie Mouse in a niqab, or full veil. The cartoon, sent to him by a Muslim friend after circulating in the blogosphere, was titled "Mickey and Minnie after ..." -- meaning after Egypt's November parliamentary elections, in which a September poll suggested Islamist parties would win the biggest share of the vote.

Following the post on the social media platform, al-Huwayni allegedly took to television on July 7 to say that people like Sawiris are insulting the Prophet Mohammed. The radical preacher shouted, "We will kill him even if he repents," which seems to be in line with most of his past statements and pledges.

Considering the recent violence against Coptic Christians in Egypt and the increasing fears that Islamists will overtake the nation, the prominence of al-Huwayni and others like him is disturbing.

(H/T: Translating Jihad)

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