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Anti-Semitic Iranian Feature Film: Rabbi Convinces His Grandson to Build War Machine and Destroy the World


The following is a movie trailer for a highly disturbing, not to mention bizarre, anti-Semitic Iranian feature film titled "Saturday Hunter." Saturday presumably refers to the Jewish Sabbath, or holy day.

The disjointed plot focuses on a Zionist rabbi by the name of Hanan who teaches his grandson Benjamin to build a war machine that will destroy all of mankind -- except the Jewish people. Aside from that, the rabbi is engaged in other behavior obviously intended to make him appear both sinister and hypocritical.

In one scene, the rabbi lecherously attempts woo a Christian woman, and later, justifies the killing of "innocent" Palestinians and indeed, the world.  The filmmakers' attempt at "artistry" in the film's direction only further highlights their blatantly anti-Semitic message.

Watch below:

A full transcript of the trailer can be found on MEMRI.

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