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Stewart's Wild Recap of GOP Debate and Rick Perry's Gaffe: 'Romney Wins!...It's Over!


"'Oops,' like it's a juice box!"

When Rick Perry blanked for 53 seconds during Wednesday's GOP debate, you knew that it was a moment that will live on for infamy. But before it gets there, it had to get through the day after. And everyone from Glenn Beck to David Letterman had some fun with it. And that includes Jon Stewart, who recapped the debate and the gaffe in epic fashion.

There's not much you can say to describe it, other than that Stewart went person-by-person and described why they have blown their chances (Huntsman isn't Romney and Cain used the term "Princess Nancy" amidst sexual assault allegations). He saved the best for last: a multi-minute takedown of Rick Perry that went something like this:

Are you not entertained? There is so much meat on that bone and it is all breast meat. It is all white. I don’t even know which to pick! There’s the part where Ron Paul’s trying to help him out, he’s going “I think you mean five!” Other people are shouting out, “I think you mean EPA!” But you know they wanted to shout shit out like “CORN DOGS!” just to see if Perry would repeat it, Ron Burgundy-style.

Then there’s the part where, just for a second, Perry looks like he’s going to fake a stroke to get out of the whole thing.


And here it is:

(H/T: Mediaite)

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