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Saturday Night Live Does Rick Perry's Debate 'Oops


"It's up there somewhere, I can feel it dancing around."


Saturday Night Live spoofed Rick Perry's "oops" moment from Wednesday's GOP presidential debate, with the Texas governor desperately grasping for the name of the third department he would eliminate as president.

Touching briefly first on the sexual harassment allegations made against Herman Cain in recent weeks, Keenan Thompson as Cain said there's been "no inconsistency" in his response to the accusations.

"There's been no inconsistency, my story's never changed. To recap: I forgot. Then I was reminded. Then I remembered. And then I forgot having remembered. And then pizza break," he said. "And one thing is, for every woman that has come forward, there are two that have not."

But it was Perry's memory lapse that received the most attention: First quoting the slip-up nearly verbatim, Bill Hader continued to struggle for the correct department, peeling off his jacket and revealing cut-off shirt sleeves in the heat of the moment.

"C'mon man, I said oops," he said when pressed for the answer by the debate moderator. Tapping his head, he moaned and asked, "Why is this so hard? It's up there somewhere, I can feel it dancing around."

"Can we just move on? I want to be president but not like this," pleaded Jason Sudeikis' Mitt Romney. Cain offered to provide more harassment allegation details just to take the heat off Perry, and Andy Samberg as Rick Santorum wept at the whole debacle.

The sketch ended with a nod to "Of Mice and Men," with Romney attempting to put Perry out of his misery -- but providing just the jolt he needed to remember the long-lost department.

Watch the clip below, via NBC:

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