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Are Lebron James' Alleged Remarks About Jews Anti-Semitic?


"These Jews suck at basketball."

It's no secret that LeBron James has become one of the most unpopular professional athletes in the world, and the most hated in the NBA. While league play has been suspended in the midst of a labor dispute, James has not taken a strike from tarnishing his image.  TMZ reports today that James has been accused of making some anti-semitic remarks while playing a friendly pickup game at the Mandel Jewish Community Center in Ohio:

"But after the game, LBJ was verbally accosted by a man who worked at the kosher sandwich shop inside the center -- who claims he heard LeBron telling his buddies, 'These Jews suck at basketball.'

The man tells TMZ ... he definitely fired off some choice words to King James -- including, 'Princess James Get out of Cleveland' and 'F**k you, you ruined the NBA.'"

KERO reports that a member of the team James was playing on, which crushed their opponents, said the claims of anti-Semitic remarks were "nonsense" and that the small forward couldn’t have been nicer.

The man who accused James of the remark has reportedly been suspended from his job for 3 days over the verbal attack.

TMZ pointed out that James has worked positively with Jews in the past, including an August 2o1o meeting with Rabbi Yishayahu Yosef Pinto, known by some as the "Rabbi to Business Stars," for spiritual guidance before a "big merchandising meeting."

The NBA has been quick to discipline players who have made discriminatory remarks towards the LGBTQ community. The league fined Kobe Bryant  $100,000 last season because he called a referee a "fu*****fa**ot!" after receiving a technical foul.

If the allegations against James are true, we will keep up to date on how the league decides to approach the matter.

However, do you believe that "These Jews suck at basketball," is even an anti-Semitic remark? Perhaps considering that James was playing in a Jewish community center, could he have made the comment without prejudice but only arrogance in accessing the players he was playing against and the outcome of the game?

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