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Sharp criticism for Meryl Streep as Margaret Thatcher

U.S actress Meryl Streep attends a photocall for 'The Iron Lady' at a central London venue Monday, Nov. 14, 2011. (AP Photo/Jonathan Short)

It's not a secret that Meryl Streep is a Democrat with every fiber of her being. So, naturally it would rub some the wrong way to see her portray former British prime minister and conservative heroine Margaret Thatcher in a movie set for release in January. And that's exactly what it did; to people who actually worked close with Thatcher, no less.

From The Hollywood Reporter:

Former cabinet member and Tory stalwart Norman Tebbit wrote in the Daily Telegraph newspaper that Thatcher was “never, in my experience, the half-hysterical, over-emotional, over-acting woman portrayed by Meryl Streep."

That just from the trailer currently showing here.

The media screenings begin in earnest next week here but the Tory stalwarts poo-pooing the movie in the pages of the right-wing leaning national The Daily Telegraph are queuing up.

Tim Bell, one of Thatcher’s key PR advisers, described the film as a “non-event” and said he had no interest in seeing it.

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