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Glenn Weighs in on 'N17': Occupy Honors Communist, Terrorist Group


This terrorist group is responsible for at least 23 murders and over 100 attacks and kidnappings.

Thursday's Occupy Wall Street protests have been coined "N17" in many of the movement's promotional materials. Seems innocent enough, right?

During his radio broadcast earlier in the morning, Glenn Beck points out the fact that "N17" is actually the name given to an infamous Greek terrorist group responsible for some 23 murders and over 100 attacks and kidnappings.

Glenn also notes that while many in the U.S. may not be familiar with the Greek terrorist outfit, people across Greece and Europe know much about the Marxist, America-hating N17.

Glenn's co-host Stu Burguiere posted some additional insights into the self-proclaimed communist group on his blog, shedding light on some very disturbing facts about N17, including its hand in the murder of a U.S. Navy captain and defense attache:

The organization’s first known attack came in December 1975, when the CIA’s Athens station chief was shot with a .45-caliber pistol, November 17’s favorite weapon. Since then, the group has claimed responsibility for twenty-one murders, including the killings of a U.S. Navy captain, a U.S. defense attaché, a Turkish diplomat, and a British defense attaché. November 17’s initial attacks were directed at senior U.S. officials and Greek public figures, but during the 1980s the group expanded its operations to include bombings of ordinary citizens and property.

The Greek N17 was spawned in part to retaliate a student uprising at Athens Polytechnic University on November 17, 1973. 20 students were killed when Greek army tanks rolled in to suppress the protests. Stu and Glenn both note that tanks are a central theme of the new Occupy N17 posters, which are also evocative of many Communist-era propaganda pieces.

Watch and listen to Glenn weigh in with his thoughts on N17:

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