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Mega-Actress Worth $58 Million Caught Trying to Go Incognito During Occupy Protest


Pretty sure she is in the 1%.

She is one of the highest-paid actresses in the world, but $58-million-dollar lady Anne Hathaway feels so much solidarity with the 99%, she chose to join them for an Occupy Wall Street pro-socialism rally on a cold, rainy day in Union Square.

Last year's Oscars hostess stood alongside NYU students, professors, and labor organizers as she held up a sign that said: 'Blackboards not bullets'.

Hathaway wanted to show support for the "Students and Workers United" rally in Union Square on Thursday, which was just one of many Occupy Wall Street-affiliated protests in the city.

Hathaway's films have grossed approximately $3.2 billion.

The Occupy Union Square rally abruptly turned into a mobile flash mob on New York's Fifth Avenue, causing havoc on the streets and forcing police to shut down one of Manhattan's busiest intersections with barricades. It appears from photos snapped of the protest that Hathaway marched alongside the Occupiers down the center of the street as opposed to the sidewalks.

Hathaway's boyfriend, fellow thespian and ivy league graduate Adam Shulman, objected to photographers snapping her picture, amidst a rally where hundreds of people had cameras and the press gaggle was already its own mini-mob. She had tried to blend in with the crowd by wearing a black hooded jacket, grey knit hat and tinted blue sunglasses, but to no avail.

It wasn't immediately clear from the photos whether Anne joined the Occupiers later on Thursday evening as they tried to storm the Brooklyn Bridge and retake Zuccotti park. Hundreds of protestors and a number of police were injured over the course of the day. The marches, rally, and direct action events were in response to the Occupiers' eviction from Zuccotti Park earlier in the week.

For more photos from millionaire Hathaway's march alongside assorted socialists and NYU students who attend the third most expensive private college in the country, the Daily Mail has them for you here.

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