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This is SCARY': Would You Soar Through Pine Trees on a Roller Coaster With No Brakes?


Single pipe, single person, single giant sloping, winding hill.

Sometimes the simpler something is the scarier it can be, like old time horror flicks that didn't have all the gore. This roller coaster plays off that concept.

It's pretty simple: single pipe, single person, single giant sloping, winding hill. But throw hundreds of pine trees whizzing past you on tight bank curves and it gets a bit scarier. Oh, and try not to clutch the brake -- that's right no brake. Then you're bound to let out a few "whoas" like this guy did:

As the Huffington Post writes, it's not the tallest or fastest or but "this Austrian downhill coaster is nevertheless terrifying." The coaster located Mieders, Austria, starts at the top of a mountain, reachable by a cable car.

The thrill seeker who gives us a first person account in this video writes in the YouTube description that he had ridden the coaster using the brake "only a little bit" the first time, but next time wanted to challenge his will to not use the brake, providing us with the jaw dropping, high-speed, brakeless journey down the mountain. He describes the vessel in which you ride as simply "small car with a brake lever". His advice about the coaster? "This is SCARY! Enjoy the ride!"

Want to see the ride from another perspective? Check out this off-ride video that reveals just how exposed and unsecured looking riders are:

This story has been updated since its original posting.

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