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Report: Man Collapses and Dies on Black Friday, Unfazed Shoppers Step Over His Body


"Where is the good Samaritan side of people?"

A 61-year-old man collapsed and later died while doing some Black Friday shopping in West Virginia, yet nearby bargain hunters continued to shop, some even stepping over his body, according to local reports.

Walter Vance collapsed in Target just after midnight Friday, local station WSAZ-TV reported. One witness told the station fellow shoppers, seemingly unconcerned, simply walked around him.

An ER nurse and an off-duty paramedic who happened to be among the crowd eventually assisted Vance and tried to administer CPR before an ambulance arrived. He died later in the hospital.

Vance, a pharmacist, had reportedly had heart problems for years, though did not complain of any pain beforehand. He had gone to Target shop for Christmas decorations.

"Where is the good Samaritan side of people?” his co-worker and friend Sue Compton told WSAZ. “How could you not notice someone was in trouble? I just don't understand if people didn't help what their reason was, other than greed because of a sale."

But despite those reports, Vance's wife told the Charleston Gazette that at least several other people, including more nurses, did try to help her husband: In addition to CPR, one woman fished Vance's cell phone out of his pocket to call his wife and tell her what had happened.

Target has not yet responded to media inquiries about Vance's death.

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