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GOP field: friends or frienemies?


The New York Times analyzed the relationships of the Republican presidential contenders Monday. Who are actual friends and who is putting on a front for the cameras?

Rick Perry and Jon Huntsman- Friends. NYT knows this, largely because once before a debate, Perry called Huntsman "big guy."

Newt Gingrich- He's every Republican's man, but BFFs with Herman Cain because "[a]t the most recent debate, in Washington, the two men, whose lecterns were next to each other, cracked private jokes as the other candidates were speaking."

Mitt Romney- He used to be the last kid picked for kickball among Republicans but now he's in like sin. Except for with Perry and Huntsman.

Rick Santorum and Huntsman- They've been brought together by polling at the bottom. One (percent} is a lonely number.

Ron Paul and Michele Bachmann, oddly, weren't mentioned in the article.

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