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Holy War': Muslim Mother Names Her 13-Pound Baby 'Jihad


A mother in Germany has given her newborn baby a show-stopping name that is sure to cause him grief in years to come: Jihad.

Those familiar with the radical Islam know the term well, as militants often use it to justify their actions against non-believers whom they continue to wage a "holy war" against.

Daily Mail has more about the odd name selection, especially considering the current situation in Germany:

Jihad was born in Germany where there are growing tensions between its citizens and the increasing immigrant Muslim community.

Germany has the largest Muslim population in Western Europe after France. Some 3.5 million Muslims live in the country, and 80 per cent of them do not have German citizenship.

Eventually, Jihad will have to endure questions surrounding why his mother, Elfi Yaghi, chose to give him such a bizarre name. Additionally, the child, who coincidentally weighed 13 pounds at birth, is also the heaviest natural-born baby in German history.

According to ABC News, Yaghi is apparently 528 pounds. The baby's weight, which is well above what doctors would usually recommend to be safe to have a natural delivery, may have been impacted by the woman's gestational diabetes.

With this form of diabetes, high blood sugar is detected in the mother during pregnancy. While Yaghi claims she didn't know about the disease, doctors believe that she was, indeed, aware, but that she chose to eat sugary foods anyway.

Yaghi, 40, already has 13 other children and is said to be a devout Muslim. So far, she has given little information regarding why she chose to name her child after the "war" that has divided the Muslim world and the west.

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