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Slaying the Tax Monster': This Is Herman Cain's New '9-9-9 Movie


"a dorky mechanical monster"

It's been a tough month for GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain. The former frontrunner slipped to third place in a national poll that came out last week by Quinnipiac University. His diminishing popularity has been blamed primarily on the sexual harassment charges waged against him and on his stumbling over policy questions.

With sinking poll numbers, the Cain camp is likely looking for a way back into the top GOP slot. So, last night, the campaign released the trailer for its "9-9-9 The Movie: Slaying the Tax Monster," a short film that puts the candidate's tax plan into animated action.

Unlike the previous campaign ad featuring Cain's Chief of Staff Mark Block, this video falls more on the side of "entertaining" than on "purely odd." Here's the 30-second trailer, during which the federal tax code is referred to as "a dorky mechanical monster":

The full film, which extends to five minutes and fifty seconds claims, if Cain's tax plan is implemented, that, "The economy would accelerate faster than Barack Obama on his way out of town." Additionally, the movie makes the bold assertion that enacting 9-9-9 would lead to the creation of six millions jobs.

While it doesn't get into the real intricacies, the video does an excellent job of explaining what the tax code -- from a surface perspective -- would look like under Cain. First and formost, the current tax code, which the video depicts as a disastrous mess, would be demolished.

Then, as the clip shows, many of the taxes that have become commonplace for Americans to pay would essentially disappear -- the individual income tax, the corporate income tax, the capital gains tax, the marriage penalty, the death tax and the payroll tax, among others. In place of these fees, there would be 9 percent income tax, a 9 percent business tax and a 9 percent national sales tax.

The movie doesn't avoid controversial portions of the plan, either. The national sales tax, which many fear the would grow in time to be much higher than 9 percent, is contended with. The film attempts to dismiss concerns surrounding it, while taking into consideration the nervousness people have about such a proposal.

This morning, Cain appeared on Fox News' "Fox & Friends," where he discussed the movie. He said, "I have a free gift for everyone. It's called "9-9-9 The Movie." Watch his comments, below:

In the end, the video quips about Cain's plan, claiming that it "slices off lots of other bureauctatic tentacled already forging in our pockets -- I mean other than the TSA."

Watch the "9-9-9 Movie," below:

(H/T: Gateway Pundit)

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