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Epic Beck Segment: Cain Story Sparks Debate on Men, Women, Trust, & Appearances


Following the breaking story about Ginger White's allegation that she and Herman Cain have had a 13 year affair that included "inappropriate behavior," a heated debate and discussion evolved on Glenn Beck's radio show this morning.

The questions swirling the studio dealt with how married men and women can work together and still maintain a professional relationship.

Beck chose a cautious approach, as he believes that just the appearance of impropriety can cause too many problems. He suggested that lunches and dinners with members of the opposite sex never be taken with just two people, and that they should not be happening at all if one's spouse is uncomfortable with the situation.

The impassioned discussion included co-host Pat, Executive Producer Stu, Producer Sarah, and Blaze CEO Betsy Morgan, who joined the conversation to support the stance that men and women can conduct platonic business outside of the office.

The entire discussion spanned over an hour and included plenty of laughs, hyperbole about "insane women," and even Beck predicting someone's divorce:

Where do you stand on the issue of men, women, trust and appearances?

Men... Women... Trust... And Appearances


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