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See Occupy Dayton Protesters Chant at Walmart, Target Black Friday Shoppers


"We find it an outrage that you continue to shop here!"

Black Friday shoppers in Dayton, Ohio, were in for a rude awakening when Occupy Dayton protesters (we've reported on their antics before) entered a local Walmart and Target and began mic-checking and berating individuals and families.

On the protest group's YouTube page, a five and a half minute video has been posted. In it, Occupiers document and promote the torment they attempt to inflict on shoppers.

At the 40 second mark, you'll see the first clip, which was taken at a local Target store. Around 1:08, a male voice can be heard asking, "Ready?" Within seconds, the protesters begin yelling, "Mic check!" Then, they launch into their seemingly endless chant:

"Hello Daytonians. We have a message for you. This will only take a moment. It is shameful that you spend your hard-earned money at a corporation who does not care about your family. They insult the 99 percent. They pay little or no taxes, while profits soar. Our tax money goes to our public schools. We find it an outrage that you continue to shop here in support of a corporation who does not support you."

The following is a screenshot of the group's Facebook page, where they promoted their antics:

Around 1:50, a man -- presumably a Target employee -- can be heard asking the Occupiers to stop and threatens to call the police if they do not. The Daytona bunch, seeming much more compliant than their counterparts in other cities, began chanting, "Bye local" and "We are the 99 percent," as they exited the store.

But it doesn't end there.

Around the 2:55 mark, the protesters make their way to a local Walmart. There, too, they tell the shoppers how shameful it is that they are purchasing items at the store. "Think local. Buy local," they chanted.

Watch the footage, below:

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