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Beck's Very Epic Analysis of Obama's 'New Nationalism' Speech -- 'He Is Lying


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President Barack Obama has gone on record numerous times denying the innovation and success of the free market. During Wednesday's episode of the Glenn Beck Program on GBTV, Glenn noted that while at the Fox News network, he was advised to never call the president a "liar" under any circumstances. The logic being that the public would prefer to hear that the president "misspoke" rather than be lead to believe he could lie.

Well, tonight, on his own network, Glenn did just that -- call Obama a liar -- and he backed up the assertion with historical facts and figures.

Airing a clip in which the president repeatedly tells an audience, and the greater American public, that capitalism has "never worked" -- not in 1920's, the 1950's and 60's, nor in the 1980's -- Glenn took major issue with Obama's "fairy tales about history" and proved the president wrong by pointing to the historical instances that made each of those decades Obama smeared as a "failure of the free market," an actual success.

Citing presidents Calvin Coolidge and Warren Harding's efforts to undo the Depression caused by Woodrow Wilson's progressive policies as a launchpad, Glenn explained how tax cuts and dramatic reduction in the size of government implemented post-Wilson, gave way to the auto-industry boom of the 1920's.

"Auto production went through roof," Glenn said, and increased by "191 percent."

Driving opened the door to entirely new opportunities for Americans. With transportation more widely accessible, people could travel farther for their jobs, thus expanding their options. And, with increased auto production came demands for related goods and services such as rubber, steel, leather, paint, gasoline, and road and highway construction. "Companies had to be created to meet the demand of just one product," Glenn marveled.

In other words, the ripple effect of the auto industry continued to grow exponentially. With cars came new innovations and more widespread adoption of existing inventions like the telephone. By 1930, Glenn pointed out that "70 times" the number of people had flown on an airplane than they had in the previous decade.

With radio came advertising, and while films had been around for some time prior, it wasn't until the 1920's that iconic film director and producer Cecil B. DeMille made movies both famous, and lucrative.

Glenn went back to the 1920's, when he cited that the average salary went up 37 percent between 1920 and 1929.

"But it did not work?" Glenn mocked.

"He is lying."

"Everyone benefited from the bottom up."

When speaking of the "cancer of progressivism,"  Glenn, addressing Obama, challenged him or anyone to "name the Communist country that is, in its heart, better than America."

Name the Communist country "that has done more," Glenn pressed. Such a country cannot be named because it does not exist, "because Marxists go dead inside."

Glenn maintained that most Capitalists do want to help, but that Obama "doesn't think so."

If a doctor makes more money than most, "he must be cutting off people's feet for cash," according to the president's logic.

"That's what I like to call a lie," Glenn said emphatically.

At one point during the segment, Glenn asked if the audience needed "evidence."

Delivering the coup de grace to Obama's unyielding assertion that capitalism has always and forever been a complete failure, Glenn brought up a curious letter written by a foreigner living in the U.S. in 1917. The impressed man wrote:

"We rented an apartment in a worker's district. That apartment, at $18 a month, is equipped with all sorts of conveniences that we Europeans were quite un-used to: Electric lights, gas cooking-range, bath, telephone, automatic service-elevator, and even a chute for the garbage."

The author was devout Marxist Leon Trotsky.

Watch Glenn deliver a profound and thought-provoking segment below, courtesy of GBTV:


But that is only part of Beck's analysis.  Then things started to really go off the rails.

This next segment involves the taking of blood pressure and the smashing of trophies.  Really:




Can't really top that!  Unless you start to light candles....




For a more complete transcript, analysis and detail -- click here.

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