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Jamaican Immigrant Breaks it Down for Rush: 'I'm Tired of the Garbage' and 'Hate What This Country Has Become'

Jamaican Immigrant Breaks it Down for Rush: 'I'm Tired of the Garbage' and 'Hate What This Country Has Become'

People in this country "don't realize what they have."

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Sometimes, it takes an outsider -- an immigrant to this country -- to explain why America is so exceptional and to point out how this great nation, which has been a beacon for people all over the world, is facing decline.

That was the case Wednesday when Rush Limbaugh took a call from a Jamaican immigrant residing in Redlands, Florida.

The woman, named Michelle, opened up the thought-provoking segment by thanking Rush and wealthy Americans for making it possible for her to even "come to this country with no education." More pointedly, she told Rush, "I've succeeded, and, Rush, I didn't know that I could say it, but it hurts to say, that I hate this country. If I had known that it was going to be like this, as soon as I became educated, I'd just leave."

When asked to clarify when she started to hate the U.S., Michelle qualified that she only recently started to "hate what it has become."

The small business owner said she is "tired of the garbage" and desperately would like to hire employees and maximize her profit but, given the current state of affairs, that is just not possible.

Speaking about the ordinary things Americans take for granted each day, Michelle said that when she came to this country and got a Pell Grant, she went to the library and was "so glad to see books, because in my country I couldn't afford it."

Please listen to the clip below, courtesy of Daily Rushbo:

A partial transcript follows. For the entire transcript, please visit Rush Limbaugh:

CALLER: Exactly, because I had no high school education. I have a college education. I have a degree that pays up to $60 an hour. I have a small business, and I had to put it on temporary because since 2009 I know that I'm not in business to minimize profit and maximize loss, because I want to hire people. I want to help this country that has helped me. And I'm just sick of it. I'm black, and I don't even want to fail -- I don't know what is wrong with people in this country. They don't realize what they have, and they're gonna lose it.

RUSH: It's our education system, Michelle. Our previous caller pretty much correctly identified that. Barack Obama's a product of it. He's been taught to resent and hate this country. Not just the education system, but his whole family, stuff he was exposed to. But you didn't want to move to a Third World country when you moved here, right?

CALLER: Of course not, Rush. When I came here, I left school in ninth grade, which is part of our elementary system there. But I couldn't afford to go to college, sir, and when I came here, I get Pell grant, and I was so happy. I came here and went to the library. I was so glad to see books, because in my country I couldn't afford it.

RUSH: What do you specifically hate about what's happening in America now?

CALLER: Rush, put it this way. I'm tired of the garbage. I'm afraid of the Republican more than the Democrats. Because at least the Democrats know what they want and they're doing it. The Republican are doing it behind the scene, and, in other words, I can see the Democrats coming, but I can't see them, and I think they are even more dangerous than Barack Obama.

Rush translated that Michelle meant that the Democrats' agenda is clear while the Republicans' is not. "She doesn't see the Republicans standing up for her," Rush explained. She doesn't see the Republicans trying to stop it."

While the call, at this point, seemed to be winding down, Michelle had a few additional words for the conservative firebrand, saying that if she could "give birth to one million Herman Cains" she believed it would solve some of the country's problems:

CALLER: Mr. Rush, if I could give birth to one million Herman Cain, it would solve some of the problem in this country, and thank you for listening, sir. And you have a good day and --

RUSH: Wait a minute, you could probably do that if you met him!

CALLER: Well, you know what, Rush, I'm not even gonna go there, you know, because at least he's -- at least he's -- maybe I don't know if that's what's going on, we were told that, nobody knows what's going on.

RUSH: I know, look, there's no evidence of it, that's the shame about it, there's literally no evidence that any of these allegations against Herman Cain are true.

CALLER: Exactly, sir, and I don't have time to pick sense of the nonsense, because I'm smarter than that. I don't need to go to Harvard or Yale, and, Rush, if these people know it so much, why are we in this mess that we're in? If they were the smartest since peanut butter, if they're the best thing since peanut butter, why are we in this mess?

(h/t: Daily Rusbho)


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