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Yuletide: Obama camp hopes you'll 'drive' conservatives 'nuts


'Tis the season to be annoying. In an email to supporters, President Barack Obama's deputy campaign manager Julianna Smoot suggests several ways to donate to Obama's reelection effort and get under the skin of "a favorite conservative friend or relative."

"You can choose to send them a note and let them know they’ve moved you to help build President Obama’s 2012 campaign. You can let them know a donation was made in their honor, but not that it’s from you (it will drive them nuts!). Or you can keep the satisfaction to yourself," it says.

The note concludes: "P.S. -- If you like this idea, take it to the next level. Tell your conservative friends you’re going to donate $3 to the President’s campaign every time they say something outrageous. It’ll be fun.

Read the full email at Washington Post.

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